First Choirs Announced for LICF 2019!

We are excited to announce the first participants for the London International Choral Festival 2019!

Sussex-Hamilton High School Choir

Hamilton High School Concert Choir is from Sussex, Wisconsin. Under the direction of Marilyn Mascitti and Megan Menzel, the choirs have performed competitively in New York and Disney World, and this is the choir’s first trip out of the country for the performance opportunity. The group travelling to London is a sub-group of our larger choir program, which contains 3 curricular choirs and a competitive show choir, overall involving over 130 students in the school.

Pinewood School Choir

The Pinewood School Choir hail from Pinewood High School in Los Altos Hills, California. We are a small school in the heart of Silicon Valley with a huge passion for the performing arts. Our touring choir is a combination of our two concert choirs and contemporary a Capella ensemble. We love singing music that crosses a variety of genres and styles, from around the World, and past and present.


Walker Valley Mustang High School Choir

Under the direction of Melanie Oran, the Walker Valley Choir consists of 175 students across several ensembles including Chamber choir , Advanced Ladies Choir, Concert Choir and 9th Grade Girls Chorus. The choirs have performed for various local concerts and competitions in southeast Tennessee.

The LICF team will announce new participants for the London International Choral Festival 2019 throughout the next few months! So stay tuned to our TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts for the latest news from London’s New Year’s Day Parade.

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