David Clark

The entire organization of the New Year's Day Parade and Festival was outstanding. It was thrilling to play at Westminster Central Hall.

Cllr. Jan Prendergast

It was a wonderful experience, most enjoyable and I shall treasure many happy memories.

John Bina

In my 20 years of teaching high school students, I have NEVER had a more positive or rewarding student travel experience. I know from my conversations with students and supporters these past weeks that this was a transformative experience

Jerry Hoover

There are few musical venues in the world that can provide the exhilarating performance experiences that are made possible with this parade and festival.

John Selzer

How many lives have been enriched by this experience? Hundreds of thousands? More?

Lance D. Nielson

I have been a part of many different music festivals and music trips in my career, this trip definitely topped them all!


We had an unforgettable time in your city and under your care, and we feel truly honoured to have been included.

Robert Davis

There simply isn't anywhere else in the world you can celebrate the New Year in such an impressive location with such exceptional entertainment.

Robin Engl

We wish to express our deepest appreciation for the marvellous experiences you and your staff made possible for our students, staff, chaperones and us throughout the New Year's Day Parade and Gala Music Festival.


Just a note to express my apprecaition of both this year's New Year's Day Parade and the two Music for London Concerts at Westminster Central Hall. All were very enjoyable and of an excellent standard, I never fail to be amazed at the sheer enthusiasm of all of the performers.

Cllr. Brian Coleman AM FRSA

The concert was outstanding, and along with the parade and excellent showcase for talented young people.

Cllr. Melvin Wallace

The Gala Finale Concert was enthralling, and the choir of 150 singers accompanied by the Young Musicians Symphoney Orchestra was simply outstanding.

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